The Recipe for Ecstasy

images-1 2Introduction

When you think about women, what comes to mind?

Now lets add sexuality to the mix. Female Sexuality. What does this bring to mind?  Marginalized and discriminated against. The history of women in society. Today’s woman is still not held in esteem. She has been made to believe that she is inferior. Fighting for the right to vote; and making less money than her male counterparts, she is sexualized for the pleasures of others.

Subject to paradoxical requirements, today’s woman must be attractive to be successful. At the same time, gaining success as a consequence of her appearance makes a woman immoral, dangerous. She can’t win!


On Saturday April 23, 2016 Beyoncé released a visual album on HBO entitled Lemonade. On the surface it appears to be a documentary of sadness and hope associated with being betrayed by her husband Jay Z.  However, a closer look reveals that she is singing about more then infidelity and recovery. She is addressing the historical and cultural plight of Black women. She further emphasizes the point by solely using African American girls and women in the video. Beyoncé eloquently weaves themes of oppression, sexism, abuse, devaluation, and colorism into this musical masterpiece.


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