November 1, 2011 - Posted by DrMyrtleMeans

There is nothing worse than the bitter taste of betrayal. Like women, a cat knows that you don’t shit where you eat. But the same cannot be said for even the smartest of men. Men, like dogs, will not only shit where they eat, but will eat their own shit too. Men are obtuse.

This is my nice way of saying that men are stupid ( “stupid” defined as slow to understand or learn). Even the most successful, bright, and talented men are stupid: Bill Clinton, Tiger Woods, Bill Cosby, Donald Trump, John F. Kennedy, Jesse Jackson and Martin Luther King, Jr. (just to name a few). Men just don’t get it.

I have heard it said plenty of times “men are not made for monogamy;” “monogamy is unnatural.” Well, not according to Selma Fraiberg (1971), she writes, “All love, even later in life, begins with a feeling of exclusiveness. You are the one who matters – only you.” If this is the case, then cheating may be considered the unnatural act. It may be rooted in neglect and/or abuse, where a child did not have an opportunity to get that one-on-one with that special one (mother). He then does not know the special value of intimacy and exclusivity. Be mindful that true intimacy takes place between two people, not you, she and he. When a person is starved for attention, anyone will do. The innate response of stranger-danger is traded in for the comfort of strange pussy (no matter the cost).

I know about the research done to support evolutionary theory, which suggests that a man is not built for monogamy. In biology and psychology, the term Coolidge effect describes a phenomenon—seen in nearly every mammalian species in which it has been tested—whereby males and females both exhibit continuous high sexual performance given the introduction of new receptive partners (Psychology Today, 2008). As you should know by now, I am all for something new and exciting. The more variety, the better. It is the lying and the cheating that I can’t stand. I get it; guys like new pussy just as she likes new dick. I know there are some of you who would serve new pussy as a dish for your man, and some who want to watch as he eats it. For the woman who can appreciate that variety is the spice of life, tell your man to ask for what he wants. Closed mouths don’t get fed! There will always be someone or something trying to get in where they fit in. But if your relationship is airtight, like Tupperware, you can preserve the freshness. This is another reason to talk about what you crave. When people stop talking, they start acting; and sometimes they act a fool. This is often how lying and cheating find their way into the mix. These ingredients are sure to ruin your dish. You should able to make an informed decision, remember? If he is the kind of man who has an appetite for more than one woman, he should put it on his list of ingredients. Greedy!

Couples are supposed to commit to the fulfillment of each other’s needs, including the need for sexual satisfaction. Masters and Johnson (1974) assert that sexual satisfaction is related to commitment. They write:
If either or both of them must seek sexual satisfaction with other partners, the circle of commitment will have been broken. The more satisfactions they find with other people, the fewer satisfactions do they need from each other; and the less they need from each other, the easier it is for them to go their separate ways. Beyond all rationalization, extra-marital affairs would demonstrate two things: first, that they were incapable of meeting each other’s most basic physical and emotional needs, and second, that they did not consider each other unique, and therefore irreplaceable, sources of satisfaction and pleasure (p. 254).Given the consequences of choosing an unsuitable mate, women have necessarily developed strategies to avoid these consequences. Like finding a man who is dependable and loyal.

For the ladies who are not so risqué, but still want to satisfy their man, find some other ways to keep things hot and fresh. Research shows that when men get bored with the menu, they go somewhere else to eat. Masters and Johnson noted, “Loss of coital interest engendered by monotony in a sexual relationship is probably the most constant factor in the loss of an aging male’s interest in sexual performance with his partner.” They further note that, “such a man may be rejuvenated by having sexual intercourse with a younger woman, although the young woman may not be as adept a lover as his wife.” “research suggests that the age of the other woman is less important to this effect than is her otherness” (Psychology Today, 2008).

The results of my research suggest that women are not different from men in this way. Above average responses were given by the entire sample to the statement: My sex life is monotonous. This is also evidenced by the importance of newness and variety in the sex act, which were identified as essential ingredients by 42% and 40%, of the 105 women, respectively. Yes, we like to keep it hot too. We know how to spice things up without fucking this up or we just know how to do “dip” without getting caught.

It is my firm belief that woman are smarter than men. Pussy rules the world. You don’t hear about women on the news getting caught with their hands in the cookie jar. It is not because women don’t cheat every now and then. It’s that she is just more cunning than he. I am not saying that being a proficient liar is a thing to be proud of. It is never good to be good at deception. But it is what it is.

Tell your man that if he decides to lie and cheat, expect that you will eventually crack that egg, and he will be left looking like a real chicken, the coward that he is – a man who did not have the courage to say I am feeling weak, I am interested in another woman, I am just not that into you, I am feeling empty, I want out, and I just might try to disguise it with the sweet smell of pussy. Ladies if you have a man that is being honest, don’t distort or disguise the facts. It its what it is, and it will not become something it is not!

People spend a lot of time trying to create the life and love that they crave. In one moment it gets trashed for a piece of ass. It is like spending all day imagining what this meal will taste like. Thinking about this meal that is going to be prepared. Thinking about the ingredients that are going to be put in each dish. You spend time at the grocery store. You spend time preparing the ingredients: chopping the onions, making the rue, marinating the meat, pasta from scratch even, and then he goes and put some off brand bullshit in it. And all of the work feels like it is for nothing; it has all been a fucking waste of time and energy. In this there is no positive self- regard.
Lying and cheating – a poisonous pair. Who put that shit in my dish? These are definitely the wrong ingredients. They have the potential to ruin any recipe and many relationships. It can take you from gourmet to garbage in a heartbeat. I say potential because I do know that many relationships survive infidelity. Yes, some people can take shit and use it as fertilizer to help things grow. But who wants the smell of shit lingering around? It places an extraordinary burden on the relationship. So to all of you reading these pages, think before you act-out and repeat something from your past; think before you tell that lie, think before you let him stick his dick in you; think before you start to confide in him; think before you ruin your life together; think before you break your partner’s heart; think before you tare your family apart, think before you humiliate yourself and your-other; think before you ruin your recipe for ecstasy.

If there is one thing that is for sure, there is nothing like lying and cheating to make a woman stone cold. I am talking frigid. Ladies, if he tries to test the waters, you offer him a word of caution. Tell him, “I ain’t that girl so don’t you be that guy. I ain’t the girl who will eat shit and tell you that it tastes like sherbet. So don’t serve it up. I ain’t the girl who will keep opening up the door so that you can walk all over me. I ain’t the girl who will put up with your lies so don’t deceive me. I am telling you right now, I ain’t that girl so don’t be that guy”. Ladies, this means you too. Don’t be the one who ruins the recipe with the poisonous pair. Don’t be that girl!

I do believe that love, commitment, lots of hard work and forgiveness can turn garbage back to gourmet. However, you can’t go back to being the one and only one, after you have said, “I do”, if you lie and cheat. It is like loosing your virginity; cheating is another loss of innocence. Some things cannot be taken back. And she will never let you forget that. She will want to slap the taste right out of your mouth, or maybe even cut you with a knife. “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned”. This means that you have to start all over building trust and security. This is no small feat. So if you don’t want things to be harder than it needs to be, don’t shit where you eat!

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