January 2, 2012 - Posted by DrMyrtleMeans

The New Year has arrived and it is time to take it to another level. Priority one is sharing The Recipe for Ecstasy with the masses. By plane, train, and automobile she will make it to the New York Book Festival, Miami Book Fair, Cass Tech’s annual pancake breakfast, and the Divorce Expo. She is always taking appearances from those who desire more flavor, passion, intimacy, love, and ecstasy. I am hoping to expand my contact with the media, social and otherwise. This is my key to the door which can lead to success. While being a published author is a milestone of it’s own, I won’t be satisfied until you all get a bite and release a sigh of satisfaction.

Men I am looking to hear from you so that I can write a male companion book. Please visit the following links and complete the surveys:

www.surveymonkey.com/s/SexandRelateSatisfaction  and www.surveymonkey.com/s/narcissisminmen.

Tell me in your own words the ingredients for a sexually satisfying experience. Help me share your message of desire with the women who await you. Some have already suggested that my account of male sexual and relationship satisfaction will be inadequate because I am a woman. Well, I plan to follow the lead of a real (good) man, my husband. Therefore, it will be a full course meal. Sure to satisfy your appetite.

Of course, stay tuned for more hot topics posted in “The Kitchen”. Things I plan to talk about include: toys, forgiveness, vulnerability, keeping it spicy, sexual dysfunction, turning anger into passion, and any topics that you request. All this is intended to help you be your best in 2012.

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  1. Bhushan says:

    Thanks Myrtle. I have been reading your site and it is encouraging to know that I am not alone. As far as it being embarrassing, it is more frustrating to come to realize that sexual pleasure was not in God’s design of women. As a girl, we are so anxious to find out how about this great mystery sex and how wonderful it is supposed to be and in adulthood, only find out how wrong we are about it. Yes, sexual intercourse is very pleasurable, for the guy, but not the girl.I am very disappointed that God did not think women’s, sexual pleasure was necessary. That he designed only men to feel pleasure during sex. That our pleasure was an afterthought, so he stuck in a clitoris, which is very tiny and barely sensitive.Sexual fantasies, I have a vivid imagination but knowing that I can’t actually act on them is frustrating too. I like reading erotica and watching porn but my husband makes me feel guilty about it and he thinks that I should be able to get off without them.I have even given him porn movies and sex videos as tutorials to help him learn how to use different techniques on me. He refuses to watch them. He really believes he doesn’t need any help.My sexual fantasies revolve around me being serviced by at least two to three men, who only want to see me receive pleasure, without them receiving anything. I would love to make that fantasy a reality. Because I am so frustrated within my marriage, I really don’t find my husband arousing.Any thoughts?Peanut

  2. DrMyrtleMeans says:

    The problem is not that God considered our pleasure as an after thought. Women are just complicated. Arousal starts in our minds and works its’ way down to the genitals. As mothers, wives, teachers, income earners…we have a lot to consider. The problem is in your marriage not in your genitals. Your fantasies represent your desire to have all the focus and to have your every wish indulged. This can be done by one man, however he has to be willing to give it to you. You have taken the first steps (exploring what turns you on and sharing it with your husband). His unwillingness to give it to you suggests that he is selfish and insecure. We all need help sometimes. However, his ego may not be able to tolerate the fact that he is not giving you pleasure. I would recommend marriage counseling. Read my book and maybe you can read some of it to him to stimulate conversation and imagination.

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