November 13, 2012 - Posted by DrMyrtleMeans

Today I was inspired by new love, true love. I can always recognize it when I see it because it’s familiar to me. I know true love well. I have told countless people that when it’s real you know. True love feels like nothing you have ever experienced before. He or she will not remind you of the bad taste left by the soured relationships of the past. Instead, there will be the lingering flavor of pleasure.

New love has not yet been tainted by the conflicts and disappointments that are sure to come. So savor it. Make it last as long as you can. Like saving the final bite of a meal that has been delicious down to the very last morsel. ¬†Those of you who have been there know exactly what I am writing about. ¬†All you think about is him or her. Talking on the phone won’t suffice. There needs to be contact, preferably skin to skin. So if you are sexting, texting, facebooking, emailing…you have not found it!

When falling in love things are easy, fun, romantic, beautiful. The sex is hot! Not the fake TV scene kind of hot, but the new, I want you kind of hot! New love is like hot sex on a platter. It is served up just like you like it! There is mutual pleasure. There are no games, no lies, no wasting of time. You won’t risk loosing this precious find. New love is what you make it. Make it last.

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