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IMG_7179I have been fighting a person battle with my body image for the past ten years (since I started having kids). When I look in the mirror I see excess skin, fat, stretch marks, and cellulite. I don’t like it. Saggy this. Droopy that. I don’t want these ingredients in my recipe for ecstasy.

I work hard at eating right, exercise morning, noon, and night. But I am still losing this fight. The passage of time, gravity, motherhood, and the constant push and pull of life has taken a toll on my body.

I have done my part to look good and regain the body of my youth, but it continues to elude me. Being sexy is a priority for me and the physical characteristics that I previously listed are not sexy! Some people might believe that I should just accept this existential reality: aging. Not yet. I’m fed up and I’m fighting back.

I feed my body fuel and strength with the appropriate things such as an abundance of veggies, plenty of water, fruit, limited meat, low carbs and I exercise more days that not. I bike ride (stationary, over the road), run, walk, lift free weights, use the elliptical, complete kettle bell workouts, jump rope, roller blade, and soon, as it continues to get hotter and hotter, swimming will be added to the menu. Oh I can’t wait. I get it in and it hurt so good!

You might be wondering how weight loss is connected to the Recipe for Ecstasy. Body image is an essential component to esteem, sexuality and sensuality. This is especially true for women. We are always trying to fit into, make smaller, or sculpt certain body parts. Some might consider it vanity, but I say, “look good and feel good doing it” (pun intended).

In addition to this consistent lifestyle I have added the assistance of Zerona and iLipo laser fat reduction. It is a well-known fact that you can’t target specific body parts for weight loss with diet and exercise. In the last few years, however, new laser technology has hit the market and it does just that. Zerona and iLipo are two products that offer the opportunity for targeted fat reduction. Zerona is a device with multiple arms that hovers over a desired area. The Zerona laser requires that you lie on your back and front for 20 minutes respectively. Zerona treatments are to be scheduled 48 hours apart. Scheduling six to nine treatments in a two to three week period might be a challenge for some people, so keep this in mind when considering this option.

iLipo works by placing four pads on the desired treatment area. These pads are held in place by a Velcro belt. After the treatment you are put on a vibrating machine that helps to move the fat out of the cells. You are instructed to exercise within a two-hour window of the treatment. While I was able to exercise for at least 30 minutes each time. I found this requirement challenging because I usually workout in the morning and I could not find a convenient treatment time in the morning. The facility that I received my treatments at had limited hours and my six sessions were scheduled over a three-week period. I’m not sure if this negatively impacted my results.

The treatments for both procedures are often sold in a package of six, which can be expensive. The cost ranges from $1500 to $2500 for both products. I purchased both products via Groupon for a fraction of the cost. While I saw improvement with both procedures, I would never pay the full rate. You can purchase fewer treatments but the results would be negligible.

So what do these procedures have in common? They both use laser technology to trigger fat leakage from fat cells.The fat is metabolized out of the body through the natural lymphatic system. You are instructed to drink a ton of water, maintain a reasonable diet, and exercise.

How do these procedures differ? I noticed a warm sensation during the iLipo treatments and afterwards there was a little soreness in the treatment area. There were no physical side effects for Zerona at all. iLipo covers a very discrete area and Zerona has a wider span. You are instructed to exercise within the first two hours of having an iLipo treatment. Exercise was not required after Zerona.

My results were as follows. With iLipo I lost a total of 1 inch from both thighs. With Zerona I lost a total of 5 inches from my back, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Long story short, there is no contest. Zerona wins hands down.

Trust me on this one. If I don’t know anything, I know how to get my body back. Ladies who have gone through the experience of childbirth must accept the unwavering reality that their minds, hearts, and bodies are forever changed. But there are things that can be done to improve your overall body image and esteem. I believe that we should have the things that we desire. This includes a body that you feel great in. So take the time to feed yourself a healthy lifestyle. Not only will you look good but a healthy diet can also improve your sexual performance.

Nothing tastes better than being healthy feels. So choose wisely. Pick ingredients that will help create a Recipe for Ecstasy!!

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