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October 19, 2013 - Posted by DrMyrtleMeans

In the spirit of Sweetest Day I decided to pull an excerpt from my book to share. The Recipe for Ecstasy is a revised dissertation.  To complete the requires of my Ph.D. program,  I surveyed 105 women about relationships. I was specifically interested in the relationship of intimacy, passion, commitment, and orgasm responsiveness to sexual and relationship satisfaction. In pursuit of this knowledge, I analyzed the responses by marital and parental status. Married women without children exhibited the highest levels of satisfaction.  Therefore, I have chosen a recipe from their cookbook of love. These women identified mood, nature of the relationship, setting, newness, intimacy, intense physical/emotional response (passion), and love as being essential to their recipe for ecstasy. I am going to share two of those ingredients: intimacy and passion.


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